From the gumption of the juggernaut that was their debut self titled EP, it was clear that Melbourne based alternative rock outfit ‘Jericco’ possessed a sound and wisdom that embodies both ancient and eclectic origins, all the time being modern and RELENTLESS in its outlook.

The prominent Middle Eastern influence throughout all performances have been matched only by the 21st Century electronica unleashed in the latest releases, adding a fresh and distinct and edge.

Comprising of five seasoned, hungry and highly respected players; ‘Jericco’ features Brent McCormick’s emotive, enlightening vocals woven with Roy Amar’s powerful and driving bass lines (let alone his mystical Egyptian Oud). Former 28-Days and K-Oscillate drummer Matt Bray’s propulsive grooves feed Jordan Nagle’s wall-of-sound guitars topped by Fetah Sabawi’s lush and emotive melodic keys. Sabawi joined the band on the back of his success with ARIA Award winning heavyweights ‘Superheist’ and accordingly ‘Jericco’ stand out from similar acts of it’s genre with great understanding, groove and power.

The show is a moving display of musical and technical prowess, delivering songs with passion, substance and gall that manage to penetrate the soul. An Encounter with ‘Jericco’ will test the individual’s point of self-reflection by traversing a musical landscape that is treacherous, powerful, accessible and serene all at once.

‘Jericco’ has shared the stage with well established luminaries such as Mammal, Dead Letter Circus, Karnivool, Closure in Moscow and The Getaway Plan, as well as headlining numerous sold out shows across this wide brown land.

Every punter carries with them an unforgettable experience, and has been spreading the word nationwide ever since.

Great response to the release of the single ‘Monsters’ in late 2011 (after 2 critically acclaimed independent EP’s) has opened many ears to the barrage awaiting in 2012. Produced by the keen senses of Forrester Savell (Karnivool, The Butterfly Effect,

Birds of Tokyo, Dead Letter Circus), you’ll know it when you hear it…….

Since March this year Jericco have been busy cementing their name in the national music scene. They have played to rave reviews, have sold out shows in Melbourne and Sydney and have played huge shows in most capital cities as part of the Swarm Tour.. The band’s live performances have gone from strength to strength, always aiming to out do themselves. Jericco’s live show is a moving display of musical and technical prowess, delivered with emotion and substance.

 Jericco’s ambition and enthusiasm for music cannot be ignored, their motivation obvious in the completion of 2 shows in separate states in one day, (FRESH FEST, Gold Coast; SWARM FEST, Melbourne), and 3 shows in one day (STONE FEST, Canberra; TWISTED SOUNDS FEST- Liverpool NSW; HALLOWEEN; Sydney). This passion for performing, not to mention a musical and technical prowess, has guaranteed more additions to a rapidly expanding fan base.

Such is the force of this ever intensifying myth, Jericco has to date shared the stage with well established headliners such as Karnivool, Mammal, Dead Letter Circus, MM9, Trial Kennedy, K-Oscillate, Dukes of Windsor, 12 Foot Ninja and Rook. Every punter carries with them an unforgettable experience, spreading the word after every show.

Proudly independent and self Managed, Jericco have achieved all their successes through hard work and the loyal support of their fans. Such dedication to the band was indicated in the production of the video clip for (debut single) “Sun”. A fan liked the song so much he offered to produce a music video free of charge. Highly ambitious in its use of state of the art computer graphics, the resulting product is simply magical and a great addition to an already fierce creative force.

Only the brave will successfully navigate their way through the shadowy terrain of Jerrico’s recorded work. A constantly evolving, cohesive collection of hard and hypnotic tracks committed to tape with hi-fi production of an international standard. Their self-titled EP has been in demand both on iTunes and in stores Australia wide, the recording is a sonic temple beckoning to be explored by any music lover, appealing to both rock instincts and primal Middle Eastern longings.


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