“MONSTERS” The first single to be released from JERICCO”s highly anticipated debut album..  This album is due for completion and releases in the near future.





After three years together, 137 blistering live shows, 12 festival appearances and a stack of sold-out headlining gigs, alternative rock maestros Jericco are gearing up to offer their adoring fan base a taste of things to come.
With two successful EPs and one live album up their sleeve, the five-piece will release the second single – The Art Of Illusion – from their forthcoming debut album on March 1st 2012, just in time to coincide with the SWARM TOUR 2012



“If I didn’t see people dirty dancing to Jerrico, I’d scarcely believe it. But I do. And I’m not really surprised. These guys could make me do just about anything too. Maybe it’s because their commitment seems more real, maybe Jerrico are just better than the few today who wished they emulated the same quality. I dunno. It’s just… electrifying” –